RA Ceremony of Remembrances

10 November 2019

10:00 - 12:30

RA Ceremony of Remembrance 10 Nov 19


THE ROYAL ARTILLERY CEREMONY OF REMEMBRANCE 2019 The Royal Artillery Ceremony of Remembrance will be held at Hyde Park Corner on Sunday10th November beginning at 1030 hours.  The ceremony, which lasts about an hour consists of traditional devotions, the laying of official wreaths and a march past by representatives of the serving regiment and old comrades.  Individuals wishing to lay wreaths are welcome to do so after the ceremony itself.  All ranks, serving and retired are strongly encouraged to attend if you are not involved in remembrance services elsewhere.

The preferred dress for the congregation is civilian clothes with hats, overcoats and medals.  Seats which are limited, should be occupied by 1030 hrs.  Applications for seats should be made to SO2 Regt Pol, RHQ RA, RA Barracks, Larkhill, Salisbury, SP4 8QT, Email: Tel: 01980 845929.  

RAA Standard Bearers are to report to the Wellington Arch by 1000 hours for a briefing by the RASM.  

RAA branch wreath bearers are asked to assemble at the East Side of the Wellington Arch by 1030 hours with their wreaths.  We would like to encourage as many RAA branches and their standards to attend this ceremony.  You will be taking part in the biggest gathering of Gunners paying tribute to fallen comrades and you will have the chance to take part in our very special march past of veterans in the presence of The Master Gunner and members of serving regiments.  Also on parade that day are King’s Troop RHA and the RA band.  

* PLEASE NOTE: Access to the facilities in Wellington Arch, including toilets, are strictly for VIPs.

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