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Alanpooley1 - 13th April 14:02

Hi my name is Alan Pooley. I had the pleasure and privilege to serve with a great friend j/sgt Bob Grey Alanbrooke troop JLRRA 1966/67, we went to 32 Hvy Regt in Hildesheim together, I went to 74 Bty, I became Nr 1 of my M107, 175mm gun named "Scimitar".

Are you that Bob Gray? I would love to think so. It would be great to catch up after all these years.

Do you remember, Duncan Brodie and Jim Ferris, also 2 Scotsmen that were great friends.

 I hope it's you Bob if it is please get back to me, if it's another R Gray then I hope you're well and forgive my ramblings.

Cheers, AlanPooley (former Sgt 24044004)


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