48th Field Regt RA

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  • the old days were the best ??


    14th August 2022

    by signaller

    Hi All exgunners of this regt or any other is there a branch of the RAA near you nearest to me is miles away stockport and they meet in manchester at belle veue?regards george...

  • by Zara1

    Hello, I have noted on a WW2 Casualty List beside the name of a Gunner who served with the Royal Artillery, there is a handwritten note that says "Deleted CL1649".  Does anyone know what this me...

  • McBarrons or McBarrow


    10th August 2022

    by infantryman

    Sir's, Does any member remember Gunner GH or GHB McBarrow or McBarrons in Tampin or Ipoh, I'm doing a medal display & the nam appears BOTH ways! Thanks...

  • Old Gunners


    9th August 2022

    by signaller

    We must remember the lads we did our service with are all very old or have passed away I was in touch with about 20 a few years ago it is now 5 or 6  ,I am 82 years old but the changes to the sit...