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  • 49 Inkerman BTY


    21st May 2024

    by rob robinson

    I am so pleased to see that the bty I served in for seven and a half years is on this forum.  To me this is the best bty in the whole of the Royal Regiment of Artillery. my best wishes to past an...

  • by AmberEvans

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  • Copied from Facebook


    19th May 2024

    by Pronto49

      JOINT WARRIORS AT RAF BOULMER RAF Boulmer is hosting to two units taking part in Exercise JOINT WARRIOR. The exercise is a tri-service and multinational exercise conducte...

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    18th May 2024

    by CarlosStewart

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  • by gett

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  • by raidamaisa

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  • by slesh123

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  • Reunion


    2nd May 2024

    by Pronto49

    A wonderful weekend spent in the company of old friends and comrades. 200 plus for dinner Sat and almost as many for the friday evening get together. many stories told and retold and events caught up ...

  • by melaf56700

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  • by MollyFox

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