Who wrote the prayer Hail Holy Queen?

by imonnald - 10th May 20:19


It became popular in the 11th century, when some monastic communities adopted it for regular recitation. The Hail Holy Queen was written by Blessed Herman, a Benedictine monk who was severely crippled.

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by znderdeb - 10th May 20:32

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Hail Holy Queen or Salve Regina is a choral anthem going back to the eleventh century. Since the thirteenth century it is the last evening chant in many religious communities. The authorship is not clearly defined. The Salve is first mentioned in a meditation by Anselm II, Bishop of Lucca, 1073-86 (PL 184, 1078-98) and (erroneously) to Hermannus Contractus (1013-54) of Reichenau. the "Hail, Holy Queen" is a salutation deprecatonia, a greeting of petition and intercession. Mary is called mother of mercy because Christ her Son, is the incarnation of God's love and mercy. Giving us Christ, she gave us, sinful humans, the life and hope we need (as baptized children of Eve) to survive in this vale of tears. This antiphon is not part of the rosary but represents the same spirit. It is part of the official prayer of the Church (Liturgy of the Hours: Vespers and/or Compline) and thus is even more precious than the rosary. Sung, it becomes a wonderful expression of our spiritual intimacy with Mary.


by jaime - 10th May 20:49

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The Hail Holy Queen prayer is a prayer that is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It is a prayer that asks the Virgin Mary to intercede for us, and to help us in our time of need. The prayer begins by addressing the Virgin Mary as “Holy Queen”. This title acknowledges her as the Queen of Heaven, and as a powerful intercessor. spirituality site.

The prayer then goes on to describe the Virgin Mary as the “Mother of Mercy”. This title acknowledges her as a compassionate and kind mother, who is always ready to help us when we are in need. It also acknowledges her as a mother who is full of grace and love.


by brailen - 19th August 08:10

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The prayer hail holy queen is without doubt a wonderful one. As part of my research on Spiritual Growth Online, I found out about this prayer. It's just a wonderful one for sure.

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