How Can You Help?

Thanks to your generosity we have helped over 1700 Gunners and their dependants in their hour of need. There are many ways you can fundraise for us or you can simply make a difference by donating...

How you can get involved  


Donating to the RA Charitable Fund

In the past 15 years the RA Charitable Fund has assisted over 33,000 Gunners and their dependants in need. Donations are a vital source of our income and we are truly appreciative of all the donations we receive. If you do not donate perhaps you would start donating regularly now? 

There are many ways you  can donate

Direct Donation!/   


Fundraise for us


Legacies are a key part of our income, but sadly are an unpredictable source of funding.  We are very grateful for those who over the last one hundred and seventy years have remembered the RA Charitable Fund in their wills, but legacies have drastically reduced in the last few years, and we are asking if you can help to reverse this trend.

Your Donation could help with anything that we consider to be a need:

  •     such as funeral grants,
  •     priority debt,
  •     mobility support
  •     the provision of domestic goods
  •     Support RA families who are caring for children with illnesses, disabilities or special needs
  •     Offer a lifeline to veterans who are homeless or at risk of losing their home
  •     Help physically wounded service men and women learn to live with and adapt to injuries  

Fundraising You can raise money any way that you like.  Whether you decide to climb a mountain, bake a cake or something else - we're grateful for all of your efforts. By raising money you're making a huge difference to the Regimental Family.  You're helping us assist those Gunner’s and their families that need us and the most challenging time in their lives.

We can provide you with:

  •     Sponsorship forms
  •     T-Shirts/Vests
  •     Buckets/Tins
  •     Banners
  •     Charity Gazebo
  •     Leaflets and more.

Challenge yourself


  •     Climb a mountain with your regiment
  •     Bake a Cake
  •     Hold a Fun Run
  •     Non Uniform
  •     Shave your head
  •     Trolley Dash  

We can support all your challenges and spread the word on our social media. 

You can raise using our Charity Checkout page or just simply by collecting in your local supermarket.



Join Us

Automatic Membership of The Royal Artillery Association is given to those who are retired or serving members of the Royal Regiment and for their spouse/partner.