Is this the Oldest Member of the RAA.......?

Posted 17/04/15


Just a short note.......

We at the Newport branch have a member in his 97th year who is celebrating 78 years since his enlistment into the R.A . 

George Reynolds enlisted in the Royal Regiment of Artillery at Newport Barracks - now Raglan Barracks - on 08/03/1937 aged 19.  After training he served in various parts of the world including the Khyber Pass.  He then ended up in Singapore as a bombardier where he became a P.O.W. for the remainder of the war.

Not one to sit back and put his feet up George was back in the Far East in November 2014 to lay wreaths and remember fallen comrades.

He remains an active member of our branch and a firm supporter of the R.A. Assembly with his brother Tom, also an ex gunner.

It would be nice to know if at 97 years of age is George the oldest active branch member in the U.K .

So do you know an older member that is active within your branch?  If so then please let us know at the RAA.

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