RAA Branches pay their respects at their Services of Remembrance

Posted 13/11/14

Many of The Royal Artillery Association branches around the country remembered in their own way.  Below are some reports from these branches and a link to the photoes we have been able to upload.  We really are UBIQUE

Members of Livingston Branch RAA leading the Festival of Remembrance in West-Lothian and the Remembrance Day parade. Although we're not yet complete as an affiliated branch, today was an extremely proud day to be a member of the Gunner family. At the Livingston remembrance service, on parade were 6 members of the branch, the legion standard bearers were both ex gunners(branch members), to add to our already swelling ranks, members of the legion wreath party were ex and serving gunners. Amongst the marching contingent for the first time were Members of 278 (Lowland) Battery RA, it was great to see the Gunners back in Livingston. The service was very well attended and very fitting and poignant, I personally saw quite a few Gunner cap badges in the crowd and spoke with some after the service. With so many of our extended family lost in the 100 years I was honoured to be part of this great occasion. If you know anybody serving or vet and they wish to join the branch please pass on our details, next year it is hoped we can attend with even more. UBIQUE Some of the Livingston RAA members who took part in the RBL Festival OF Remembrance in Deans Community High School on Friday 7th Nov.Colour party was Charlie Fleming & Alan Sadler.Representing RAA was Ian Swan,representing PoppyScotland was Dougie Crabbe,and Tim was representing the SAMA,also in the pictures is the BK of 278 Bty Capt Mark Crawford.  

D-Bty 3RHA in Sunderland  

Yesterday I chaperoned my landlord John Williams he's 94 and who knows how many more remembrance days he will see so I took it upon myself to spend the day with him, we went to remembrance at Llanasa Church to watch laying of wreaths, then a Sunday lunch at Beaches Hotel Prestatyn followed by a March through Prestatyn town with RAF Cadet Band and TA Logistics Regt of which were invited to fall in and join the ranks with the Royal British Legion members, John's foot was tapping away to the band while I pushed his chair and people waved to him as he smiled from ear to ear, it was a small effort on my part compared to what a veteran of 6 Royal Tank Regiment who fought through Africa Iraq through Italy and into Germany in WW2 had done. I will be forever in his debt and honoured to know John on a personal level "lest we forget" Thank you for reading everyone "Ubique"  

Rhondda Branch of the Royal Artillery Association held its annual Remembrance Sunday Entertainment which took place after the Royal British Legion activities had finished. The Rhondda Branch held its entertainment from 1330hrs through to Midnight with 5 live artists entertaining us throughout the Day, a Curry Lunch and Evening Buffet was also provided and at 1945hrs we held a short 10 minute service to remember those not as fortunate as the rest of us. We had members of the Navy, Army & Air Force present together with Veterans from all services. If you live in South Wales why not get in touch and come and join the branch.  

3 RHA in action at Becklingham Germany   The Shoeburyness Ladies Section today took an active part in the Remembrance Day parade at the Shoeburyness cenotaph. We proudly marched took part in the service laid our wreath and then marched back off. We then rushed back and did the tea and coffee. A great turn out by the residents of Shoebury.

Remembrance Day Liverpool

For photos of these events then please see our Gallery

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