Reunion Lippstadt - 22nd August 2015.

Posted 08/09/15



Flags and people united. For the big reunion the members of the Royal Artillery & Royal Signals also attacked corps & Regts, including civilian workers came together as a ‘family’ that was once stationed or worked in the former Churchill barracks in the Südstr. Even the Lippstadt Mayor Christof Sommer did the honours.

"It is a really lovely evening, a lovely Idea, I am delighted“, David Basisto said.

He is one of more than 250 guests that followed the invitation to attend the Big Reunion. Most of the former members of the Royal Signals & Royal Artillery, that were stationed at the Churchill Barracks on Südstr., who had not seen each other for decades.

David Basisto, who is now living near London with his wife Beate, also recognized some former comrades. He is also looking forward to making some new friends

‘There is so much to talk about’ said the former Artillery soldier. He met his wife 2002 in one of Lippstadt pubs.

Dennis Marks & Chris Crocker the organizers of the event was touched by the response of all. For months he and other members of the committee worked hard in generating interest along

There was two parts to the committee; Dennis Marks, John Davies.  Bill Montgomery in the UK and Chris Crocker & Ilka Willing in Germany whilst Dennis & Chris looked after the venue , entertainment and gifts.  John became the paymaster and Bill The Clothing Storeman producing the polo & T-shirts for the event.  Llka the eyes and ears of Chris in Lippstadt and we also received guests from Thailand, Canada and Australia.


However all were very happy about one particular comrade: 84 year old Dennis Harris who celebrated Saturday and even risked a dance with Ilka Willing. He first arrived in Lippstadt in 1950 during his national service.

A big thank you is also directed to the supports of the Big Reunion like the Weissenburg brewery that produced Beer glasses with the Lippstadt crest and the German and British flags and the name Big Reunion printed on for the former soldiers. Administrator Dennis Marks welcomed all the guests. He was also touched about the response to the invitation and was happy to welcome the person that said goodbye to the in Lippstadt stationed soldiers on 19th  September 1992 after 47 years, the former mayor of Lippstadt Franz Klocke.

He remembers the day well when he received the 22nd Signal Regiment flag together with the scroll of the former citizens’ rights of Lippstadt that was given to the soldiers at the time.
Of course the current mayor of Lippstadt was also one of the quests. He received as a memento of the day from Dennis Marks, together with Eckhard Schulze-Dasbeck and Peter Buscher of the fellowship of the reserves Lippstadt, signs that show the long standing ties with Lippstadt.

After a varied buffet the guests had the opportunity to dance. The Cover band Sonic-Turf got everyone in the mood and later that night a DJ took over who got everyone on the dance floor.




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