Team Coleman is going strong!

Posted 27/07/16

Just thought we'd give you all an update from Sam and Daisy: Team Coleman!



Although we have a few weeks break before our next event we've been busy behind the scenes and engaged in various non racing activities.   

On the 16th July we took the boat down Milford Marina to celebrate their 25th Anniversary. Leading up to the event we featured in various local media and were on hand to chat to locals, spreading the news about the Cardiff event and handing out marketing material. Looks like we may have Milford on board for next season by offering various services to support us throughout the winter and next season.   

Last week Sam attended a motocross test day with KTM and conveniently brought the boat along on his way through to drop it off at Lymington for some repairs to be done, this caused quite a stir and KTM UK used photos of it next to their 2017 bikes on their official social media channels... whilst Daisy completed a charity abseil down the Spinnaker tower for one of our nominated charities; The Red Lipstick Foundation.  

We have also secured a new marketing partner with JStreet Creative who have created us a new website which can be found here    

If you are able to check out the link at  and review the blurb about your company and give us your feedback it would be much appreciated.    

Moving forward; we're hoping the boat will be repaired over the next 2 weeks then we'll be looking at engaging in a PR event in Cardiff ahead of the event in August in conjunction with P1. We're also planning for a few days training with Neil Holmes to ensure we're fully prepared for the different conditions we're faced with in Cardiff having to run in heats. Critically, it will be flat and boat set up and getting the trim perfect will be more important than ever as there is less room for errors to be made by our competitors.   

We'll keep you all updated and just wanted to say a huge thanks to you all for your continued support.....we didn't imagine we would ever be in this position over half way into our debut season.

Much love guys!   

Daisy & Sam 

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