Ubique 300 - Zone 1 - Update......

Posted 14/09/15

The last 4 months, since the Launch has seen the Captain Generals Baton travel from England to Europe and capture the imagination of the Royal Artillery far and wide.  It has visited some great monuments and Battlefields and also been witness to some great events. 


One of the great highlights for the Royal Artillery Association was the historic gun salute in Valletta,

the capital of the Mediterranean Island of Malta. 


We cannot possibly mention all of the countries that the CGB has visited but we can give a special mention to all of the soldiers that have been able to participate in this epic adventure. The Royal Regiment and its soldiers have really captured the imagination of the ‘Gunner’ family by taking part in activities that really test their resolve and determination. 


 The CGB has been carried over the Pyrenees from West to East, trekked across Corsica and visited the pyramids at Giza.  Ubique!





You can catch up with the latest news and pictures from Zone 1 at


In late August the CBG made its way into Zone 2.  Africa beckons and we are looking forward to seeing what the Regiment has planned.     




The first leg is a Battlefield study with a Race to Coles Kop which will be the responsibility of 16 Regiment RA.

The second leg is to be carried out by 1 RHA and they will trek the CGB along the Outenique Trail and the hand over the 7 RHA.


Good Luck to all!

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