203 Elswick Bty - Blyth to Larkhill

Posted 22/08/17


Army Veteran, Kevin O' Brien completed his 375 mile Charity Bike Ride, Blyth to Larkhill in 3 days.



Local Royal Artillery Branch members supporting Kevin on his way down to Larkhill

Kevin said " I have only gone and done it, arrived to a great reception by the staff at The Royal Artillery, Headquarters. My right knee is mashed, but, not to be outdone I pedalled the last few miles with my left leg"

His wife Sarah who supported him throughout the three days said "It has been hard going with challenges throughout, to name but a few sitting for 2 hours in the heat of the car in 30 degree's, the car battery dying, punctures, cycle paths disappearing, phones battery life dying as we juggled 3 devices and two Combined Harvesters delaying my arrival at check points. Thank you to Selby and Sheffield RAA who met us on route and to the team at Larkhill for a fantastic reception at the end. Finally a big thank you to those who have supported our efforts, it really is appreciated"

A fantastic team effort for two worthwhile causes, well done to you all.

Kevin arrived in Larkhill to a war welcome from the Regimental Secretary, Lt Col Ian Vere Nicoll and the team from RHQ RA.  The Regt Sec said "Well done, you have completed a great challenge.  Thank you for all the monies raised.  Good luck with your charity night and we hope to see you in Blackpool next year."

You can support Kev here:  

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