Anglia Regional Meeting

Posted 07/10/14

Col Vere Nicoll, Gen Sec for the RA Charitable Fund visited the Anglia Region conference on Saturday 4th October at Oulton Broad.  A delightful holiday camp on the Norfolk Broads where about 40 members from the region gathered for the day.  Lt Col Tim Cole introduced the conference, which was aimed at bringing members up to date on some regimental affairs and promoting comradeship.  The Chairman of the RAA Maj Gen John Milne gave an excellent brief on the current state of the Royal Regiment, Firepower Museum and other regimental news.  The General Secretary of the RAA and RACF gave a very thorough brief on both the RACF and the RAA.  This was followed by a very good brief on the ACF who assisted at the conference.  After an excellent lunch Lt Lee Stoddart gave a very good update on 7 Para RHA.  The Conference was a great success and much enjoyed by everyone.   

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