Army, Tattoos & Social Media

Posted 03/10/14

What a week.  The website seems to running really nicely and our members are all visiting it and making use of it.  Twitter is nearly up to 100 followers and the Facebook page has been on fire this week.  firstly....

The British Army is relaxing the rules on neck tattoos.  I can remember seeing a Gunner in short sleeve order and having an armful if tattoos and didnt really think anything of it other than admring his 'Ink'.  But now they are relaxing the place our soldiers have tattoos.  I didnt even know you were not allowed them and to be honest after watching a film 'The Equalizer' with Denzel Washington taking on the entire Russian Mafia and seeing the tattoos that these Russian guys have it seems a trivial thing.  What do you think?

Some of the RA Ink that I have seen is brilliant with someone even having the cap badge tattoed on their chest!! now that takes being a 'Gunner' to new heights. media is definelty the tool of the century as far as I'm concerned....its just a huge beast with massive influence and we should be exploiting it!  I have started asking a Friday question and the response on facebook is Briliant.  

So bring on the Social Media Beast.......


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