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Posted 23/07/15

Are you a Royal Artillery serving/retired soldier in the Manchester are looking for assitance with housing? Please follow this link for more information:

This is a reminder that Haig is seeking applicants for our new housing scheme in Manchester, and I would be grateful if this message could be widely disseminated. We have had some promising candidates apply but could do with more.

If you know of anyone who may be interested, please get in touch with – or ask them to contact - Tracy Pitcher ( or call 020 8685 5777 x 0 & ask to be put through to Housing Options.  

Background: Adactus Housing is gifting Haig Housing Trust 25 terraced houses in a street in Manchester (M11). This is a run down area of Coronation St type housing that is going to be regenerated. The BBC will take over the refurbishment of 8 of them and will convert 6 into 3 larger adapted homes, one will be kept as a standard sized 2 bedder and the eight will become a walk-in advice and support/community centre be run by Walking with the Wounded. The BBC will make a Big Build programme around the redevelopment of the first houses and we are looking for ex-Service people to feature in the programme helping to do up the houses which they will ultimately live in.

Haig will then, separately, refurbish the 17 other houses and fill them with ex-Service general needs applicants / tenants. See attached poster. Applicants do not need to sign up to be filmed! The schemes should appeal to ex Service personnel interested in:  

general needs AST tenancies at social housing rent levels Rent to Buy (e.g. renting with a view to buying)

buying but haven’t quite the money and for whom a 20% discount would do the trick (EG bringing a £80,000 property down to about £64,000),

or Shared Ownership.  


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