Dragon Days

Posted 22/07/16

21 July is commemorated by  P and 127 Batteries,  two of the four Gunner batteries with “Dragon” as an honour title. 21 July is the anniversary of the battle of Chinkiang, fought between British and Chinese forces in Chinkiang (Zhenjiang), Kiangsu Province, China, on 21 July 1842 during the First Opium War.   


The battle of  Chinkiang is modern day  Zhenjiang


75 years ago in 1942, P battery had returned from the Western desert to reform as part of 6th RHA, which was one of the formations which trained but was not deployed overseas,  127th were 50 (Dragon) battery in 24 Field Regiment  in the united Kingdom.    

100 years ago P Battery RHA was one of the reserve RHA batteries in Woolwich and 127 were 50 Field Battery in 34rd Brigade RFA, part of the 2nd Infantry Division and would have been on preparing to deploy on then Battle of the Somme.  

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