Gunner Sunday - 24th October 2021

Posted 25/10/21

On Sunday 24th October the regimental family joined the In Pensioners at the Royal Hospital Chelsea for Gunner Sunday, our last visit was April 2019 due to the pandemic.   A large gathering of serving, veterans and their families attended the Service at the Royal Hospital.



The Royal Artillery Standard Bearers joined the In Pensioners on parade where they were inspected by Governor of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, Regimental Colonel and Royal Artillery Sergeant Major.  After the parade, the Standard Bearers and regimental family joined the In Pensioners in the Chapel for their Sunday Service, where we also shared the baptism of a very well behaved little girl.  Following the parade, lunch was held at the National Army Museum.  



We are very fortunate to be invited to join the residents of the Royal Hospital on this special occasion and we always receive a tremendous welcome.  Thank you to everyone who travelled to attend this special event and we look forward to welcoming you to Gunner Sunday on 24th April 2022.   If you are Gunner, past or present, then Gunner Sunday is an opportunity to visit this very special residence.  


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