Gunner Sunday - A Truly Regimental Family Gathering

Posted 03/05/17

The annual Gunner Sunday parade and service was held in fine weather on Sunday 30th April.  A large gathering of serving and retired Gunners and their families joined artillery In-Pensioners at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea in an impressive show of support to the Regimental Family.


Royal Artillery Standard Bearers joined pensioners on parade where they were inspected by Maj Gen David Cullen, Controller Royal Artillery; Col Richard Collinge, Regimental Colonel accompanied by Lt Col Andy Hickling, Dir of Estates and Quartermaster RHC. 


Following the parade, our Standard Bearers and the assembled crowd were invited in to the chapel for the Sunday service and then retire to the Pensioners’ Club for welcome refreshments and a chance to meet up with our In-Pensioners.


We are indeed, fortunate to be invited to join residents of the Royal Hospital on this special occasion. We always receive a tremendous welcome and enjoy their splendid surroundings.  If you are a Gunner, past or present, then Gunner Sunday is the opportunity to visit. A truly Regimental Family gathering. 


We hope to see more of you there next year.  Don’t forget that you can keep up to date with what is going on at the RAA website.  Why not join us and enjoy some great comradeship and fun with many national events and the more local branches that offer social and great support to all Gunners far and wide!

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