Gunner Sunday

Posted 01/06/15


On a cold and wet morning many RAA veterans and serving Gunners attended the annual Gunner Sunday parade at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea in the company of our In-Pensioners. 

With many families and friends present it was a marvellous coming together of the Regimental Family. Royal Artillery Association Standard Bearers joined pensioners on parade where they were inspected by Col Richard Collinge ADC, the Regimental Colonel accompanied by Col Simon Bate , Adjutant of the hospital.

Following the parade we all congregated in the chapel for the Sunday service and then retired to the Pensioners’ Club for welcome refreshments. Gunner Sunday is organised by the officers and staff of the Royal Hospital and we are fortunate to be invited to join them in their splendid surroundings. 

If you are a Gunner, past or present, then Gunner Sunday is the opportunity to visit. A truly Regimental Family day out.




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