Happy 100th Birthday Cornelius

Posted 02/03/21
Warmest Congratulations to Cornelius who celebrates his 100th Birthday today.
Cornelius was born on 3rd March 1921, one of 12 siblings. He joined the TA in Failsworth in March 1939 and subsequently joined the Royal Artillery aged 18 at the beginning of World War 2. During the war he served in London and Scapa Flow on the anti-aircraft weapons. Cornelius said he lost good friends and colleagues in the war and always felt blessed to have survived.
He was placed on the Reserve in June 1947 and discharged in March 1948 to sign up the very next day for the rest of his military career. Cornelius served in BOAR with 22nd LAA Artillery Regiment and later Malta, Cyprus and his last two years in Bulford being discharged in November 1959. In retirement, Cornelius supported the Royal British Legion both on parade and poppy selling.
He met the love of his life Franziska, whilst serving in Germany, who sadly passed away in 1998. They have three sons and Cornelius is Grandfather to 8 children and Great Grandfather to 10 children. He now resides in a residential Care Home in North Wales.
Reflecting on his 100th Birthday, Cornelius said “Like a batsman in cricket, the first 100 is the hardest to achieve”.
On behalf of all the members of the Royal Regiment of Artillery we would like to wish you a very Happy Centenary Cornelius.
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