Mansergh Memorial Award

Posted 26/06/23

At the Royal Artillery Assembly the Mansergh Memorial Award was presented by the Master Gunner St James's Park to Gunner Davies K, 47 Regiment Royal Artillery. The Mansergh Memorial Award is awarded for an act of outstanding bravery or special achievements by an individual, which have not been recognised by another award or commendation.

Gnr Davies conducted CPR and administered the use of a defibrillator on a unresponsive soldier, until the paramedics arrived and they took over from her whereby they were able to stabilise the soldier.

On the night of 22nd Jan 23 she displayed true courage and selfless commitment whilst acting calmly, decisively, and effectively in a high-pressure event to save another soldier's  life......Davies emplifies the values and standards of the British Army and is a credit to the Royal Regiment of Artillery.  Davies's actions meant a soldier's life was saved that day.  She acted rapidly and courageously, taking command of a situation where a life was at stake.  Acting above her rank and taking command of the situation she showed calmness, maturity and clarity of thought typcially way beyond her years and rank.  

Gnr Davies's lifesaving actions were truly remarkable and there wasn't a dry eye in the room as the Regimental Secretary read out her citation to the Assembly.  A truly deserving award to a remarkable young women who is an ambassador for the British Army, Royal Regiment of Artillery and to us all in the Gunner family. 

Warmest Congratulations to Gnr Davies on receiving the Mansergh Memorial Award. 

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