OVA Survey

Posted 15/03/23

The OVA, in conjunction with the James Lind Alliance, has recently launched a priority setting partnership survey, which aims to create a Top 10 list of what needs investigating to help improve care for former service personnel and their families, friends and carers?  

We are looking for the following people to answer a new short survey which will influence future research: veterans family, friends, and other supporters of veterans and the healthcare professionals who work with veterans and families.

A link to the survey can be found here.

The survey asks for suggestions or comments about all areas of physical and mental health and wellbeing that need further investigation.  It’s OK to write as much or a little as you like, about anything that you feel is important.  

We would appreciate it if this could be shared widely amongst your networks to maximise the number and range of responses we receive from Veterans and their families.

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