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Posted 13/01/15

Myself and the RSM 12 Regt RA were really pleased to attend the Christmas Lunch held by the Royal Artillery Association Canterbury Branch.  It was a lovely occasion and the food and company were superb.  Thank you to John Bishop for the invite - although we didn’t win on the raffle. :)

I was introduced to, amongst others, the new Secretary for the Branch – Mr Dave Tong.  You can find his details on the Branches page of the RAA website Dave happened to mention, over a glass of red wine, that the branch had new website.

After three weeks off and playing catch up in the office it wasn’t until today that I was able to visit this great new site

This is a great free webpage that Dave has put together and there is a wealth of information and news on there.  I especially like the ‘before & after’ photos!

Please do visit this new website and if you think that your branch could do the same then please get in touch with us at HQ Larkhill and we will help you along.  Also, if you have a new website for your branch that we don’t know about or have overlooked and you would like us to link it on the main RAA website then please let me know.

Hats off Dave! It’s a great site and I hope it brings in new members and thank you for the page linking the main RAA website.

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