Raymond Walter Cole awarded the BEM for services to the RAA, RBL & Local Community

Posted 31/12/14

The late Ray Cole from Letchworth, who died on December 12 from terminal bowel cancer, was given an BEM for services to the Royal Artillery Association, the Royal British Legion and the surrounding community in Letchworth.

Ray Cole was the President of the Biggleswade Branch of the Royal Artillery Association and a Standard Bearer for over 50 years.  He attended all of the RAA events at one time or another and paraded the Standard of the Royal Artillery with pride and dedication. Ray is also a recipient of the ‘Gold Medal’ which is one of the highest honours awarded by the Royal Artillery Association.  He was a tireless charity collector and raised over a quarter of a million pounds during his years collecting for the Royal British Legions Poppy Appeal and his Local RAA Branch.  This kind of dedication to his local gunner comrades and the local community is rare and Ray’s loyalty and kindness will be sorely missed by all.

It is of some comfort to the family and to Ray that recipients are told of this award some 6 weeks before the announcement.  This means that Ray will have known of this award and would have been hugely proud.

A well-deserved award to a Gentleman that we at the RAA are proud to have supported and known  

‘Once a Gunner, Always a Gunner’



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