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Posted 01/03/18

“I would like to thank the RACF for their help in acquiring this electric wheelchair for my wife Cheryl.  She now has her independence back and we can plan trips and see our family”

David Lock, Royal Artillery Veteran

Cheryl suffers from secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis and over the past few years has lost the ability to move around unaided.  Being reliant on David for her independence was a real challenge; even pushing Cheryl around in her wheelchair was difficult for David.  David was medically discharged from the Royal Artillery due to his knees and was finding it more and more difficult to support his wife. As Cheryl could move around in the house with a walking frame the NHS would not supply an electric wheelchair.  This is where the Royal Artillery Charitable Fund stepped in.   

How We Can Assist

The RA Charitable Fund financially supports all officers and soldiers and their dependents whether serving or retired, widowed or divorced who are in need. We are here to help all members of the Regimental family in need, whatever the cause and at any time in their lives. There is no geographical limit and we can assist Gunners, Gunner Veterans and their dependents throughout the world.

We provide through eligibility criteria, and based on humanity, reality and flexibility speedy assistance to all members of the Gunner Family; we judge each case on its own merits.  



“Now that Cheryl has her independence there is no stopping her.  Being able to meet our granddaughter from school has made a real difference in Cheryl’s and my life.”


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