The RA Charities choose Charity Checkout for fundraising

Posted 25/07/19

The RA Charities are there for every Gunner – both serving and veterans – and are plugging away helping to provide assistance when needed. Sometimes this can be for helping with sports training, sometimes it can be with white goods or help with payments. We also try to give to as many community events as we can. In 2018, we helped 1,086 cases totalling £647,187. But many still don’t know that they can raise funds for our much needed work by taking part in challenge events, fun runs, cake bakes and even taking a bath in baked beans!  

And now, we’ve made it even easier for people to fundraise for us but partnering with Charity Checkout.   Sarah Davies, Admin & Communications Manager at The Royal Artillery Association, explains:

“Previously, we have used JustGiving for raising funds, but we have moved to Charity Checkout for several reasons. We feel it is an easier fundraising page to navigate, is more transparent and shareable but more importantly, we get to keep more of the money our supporters raise by paying less in fees. This means more money can be given directly back to the regimental family and into welfare, sport, community projects and to those that really need it.  

We are really trying to promote awareness of our work and also raise much needed funds. This move is part of our aim of putting in place a more modern, open approach to fundraising.”  

One of the people who have recently used the new system is Regimental Sergeant Major Danny Fox, from The Kings Troop, who completed the London Marathon for The RA Charities.  He says:

“I wanted to run the marathon for The RA charities as I know a lot of soldiers who have benefitted from their support. I got some help from The RA to get started setting up the donate page, but it was really easy to use and the people who donated also obviously thought so too, as I’ve raised nearly £2,500.”  

Mark Wrigley, who is currently running a fantasy football competition on the site for the Royal Artillery Charitable Fund, says:

“I chose this charity because it has helped me through dark times and my colleagues with various problems in the past and I believe it’s the least I could do. The Royal Artillery Charitable Fund works to support Ex and Serving Servicemen and women and their families. I’m hoping to raise as much as I can which will pay for ever increasing calls for help from retired and serving servicemen and women.”    

So if you are thinking of raising some funds or you want to set yourself a new challenge and want to do some fundraising along the way, we would love you to do it for us.

It is easy to register, and you can get more information at 

Then, just follow the steps.   Let us know if you have any questions by contacting us on 01980 845233 or by finding us on Facebook and Twitter.

And if you’re short of ideas for a barmy challenge, don’t worry - we have a big list!

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