The Royal Artillery Charities launch The Gunner Lottery

Posted 25/04/19

The Royal Artillery Charities, responsible for the Gunner Friend Network that supports Gunners throughout their lives, today announce the launch of The Gunner Lottery. The lottery, which is nationwide and open to the general public, will help The RA Charities support those who are currently serving and retired Gunners.

The Gunner Lottery has a weekly jackpot of £25,000 and several cash prizes. It costs £1 to play with 50p of each entry going directly back to The RA Charities.  

When people join the lottery, they are allocated their own 6-digit Unity Lottery number. A random winning number is drawn every week and if a lottery number matches, monetary prizes are released. A match occurs if a person’s lottery number matches the winning number drawn.

Winners are notified by post, with prizes posted automatically. For numbers that match, there is a cash prize. These are:

3 Digits: £5 Cash Prize

4 Digits: £25 Cash Prize

5 Digits: £1,000 Cash Prize

6 Digits: £25,000 Cash Prize  

Sarah Davies, Admin & Communications Manager at The Royal Artillery Association, says:

“With The Gunner Lottery we are hoping to promote awareness of our work and also raise much needed funds. We wanted a more modern, open approach to fundraising, and we wanted to be transparent about where the money goes. The funds raised by The Gunner Lottery will be going directly back to the regimental family and into welfare, sport and community projects.”


Joining the Royal Artillery Charities Lottery is easy. People who want to register need to visit the Unity Lottery page and complete some personal details. Next, the user chooses the number of Unity lottery entries required and how often they wish to play. Lastly, there is a Direct Debit instruction that needs completing. Once received, Unity will notify that person of their lottery number. The first lottery draw will take place on the 4th of May 2019 and repeats weekly, every Saturday.

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