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Posted 20/10/21



Lieutenant General Sir Andrew Gregory KBE CB DL, Master Gunner St James’s Park, has sent a video message to Brigadier General J J Selbie, Colonel Commandant of the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery, on behalf of all ranks, serving and retired, of the Royal Regiment of Artillery.

The Master Gunner utilised the message to address All Ranks, both serving and retired of the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery on the significant occasion, of the 150th Anniversary of their formation, which falls on 20th October 2021.

He amplified the close connection between the Monarch and the Regiment and that it remains to this day; where The Queen is 'The Captain-General' of the Royal Regiment of Artillery and of Her Commonwealth, Royal Regiments of Artillery. He added that further to these shared links to the Monarch, we hold an equally close bond that is borne of years of shared operational deployments, where our forebears and indeed our current generation of ‘Gunners’ faced adversity together. Those common fields of shared strife include; the Boer War in South Africa, the First World War, the subsequent involvement in the Russian Civil War, the Second World War, Korea, the Gulf War, the Balkans and more recently, the long campaign in Afghanistan. Added to this he said, can be the long years of readiness during the ‘Cold War’.  We also share less ‘kinetic’ times such as St Barbara’s Day, Commonwealth Day, Artillery Days, and national commemorations. As far back as the formation of the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery on 20th October 1871, we have stood together in common cause and interest.

The Master Gunner stressed that this close friendship means a great deal to us on this side of the Atlantic. Many of you he said, may not be aware, day to day, of these strong links. They often occur and are maintained at the highest political levels, but at the other end of the spectrum, our RHQs RCA and RA are in regular touch regarding numerous Regimental matters of which he is kept informed and passed on to Her Majesty during the course of his Audiences with Her, and in which She takes a genuine and close interest.

So, he concluded, his purpose in his message, was to extend to you all, on behalf of All Ranks serving and retired, within the Royal Regiment of Artillery (from your fellow ‘Gunners’), our very warmest and sincere best wishes, along with our heartiest of congratulations, for the 20th October 2021, your 150th Anniversary. He wished them all the most enjoyable celebrations, when and wherever they occurred, and to all Gunners past and present, he wished ‘Good Shooting’!

The Master Gunner has also had the pleasure of meeting recently a number of the contingent from 1 RCHA who are currently conducting Public Duties in London and Windsor. He has also had commissioned, an 1822 pattern Royal Artillery sword which he presented to the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery to mark their 150th Anniversary. The blade was finely etched and bore on one side of the blade the inscription:

  “Presented by the Master Gunner St James’s Park

and All Ranks of The Royal Regiment of Artillery to

The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery on the occasion of the

150th Anniversary of their formation 20 Oct 1871 – 20 Oct 2021”.  

On the other side of the blade the Royal Artillery’s Coat of Arms was etched, and above it, etched on individual, symbolised scrolls, entwined with laurel leaves, the names and dates of each of the six Monarchs, from Victoria to Elizabeth II, that the Royal Canadian Artillery has so loyally and gallantly served.  

Finally, on the spine of the blade near the hilt, is deeply engraved “QUO FAS ET GLORIA DUCUNT 20 OCT 1871 – 20 OCT 2021”.  

Both the Master Gunner’s video message and the sword, were safely delivered and received ahead of their anniversary on 20 October 2021.     

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