The Story of the Taiwan POW Camps....

Posted 03/08/18

This is the story of the Japanese prisoner of war camps on the island of Taiwan (Formosa) during the Second World War and of the men who were interned in them.

It seems that  many people  know about the hardship and suffering of the POW's working on the Death Railway in Thailand and Burma, but few know about the "hell-camps" of Taiwan. We hope to tell the story of the suffering and deprivation endured by the POW's so that all will know - and hopefully never forget!

Our site contains descriptions of the prison camps, a detailed list of all the former prisoners, an honour roll of those who died, and the story of the Taiwan POW Camps Memorial Society and its efforts to make sure they are never forgotten.

You can read more about the POW's here


Back in 2008 the Society arranged for the interment of the ashes of the late L/Bdr. George Harrison of the 5th Field Reg’t. Royal Artillery - a hero of Kinkaseki Camp, at the Surrey and Sussex Crematorium at Crawley in Sussex UK. We also decided to place a wooden bench in honour and memory of him and Gnr. Alfred Foster – who was also from Crawley, and the men of the 5th Field Reg’t. in the crematorium garden.

This was duly accomplished in September of that year and the wooden bench has served the visitors to the crematorium well over the past ten years. The bench has needed replacing and so in consultation with the management over the past year or so, it was decided to replace the wooden bench with one made of granite which will last in perpetuity in honour and memory of the men.  This project has recently been completed and we are happy to announce that the new bench is now in place. We are very grateful to the crematorium for their help in continuing to honour the former Taiwan POWs in this way.

The full story of LBdr George Harrisosn can be read here  



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