The Watch

Posted 24/10/14

A vigil running from sunrise to sunset has opened this year's Poppy Appeal at the Cenotaph.

A century on from the outbreak of World War One, the British Legion is calling for a focus on the "future of the living" and the "memory of the fallen".

The event was inspired by images from the repatriation of the Unknown Warrior in 1920, when guards kept vigil by the coffin from France to England.

It was a very moving occasion and gave the public a real sense of why we can all move about our daily business and lives because of the sacrifice that some very brave souls made in World War One.

We are also very proud to have had a 'Gunner' on watch. Mr Morrell was a serving Gunner in 1st Royal Horse Artillery.  He stood watch for his allotted time and we are all very proud of him and the other people that stood 'Watch'!



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