They braved the heat to raise for the #RACF

Posted 26/04/18

The Royal Artillery Charitable Fund would like to convey our huge congratulations and heartfelt thanks to Jude & Ewan for raising over £1600 for the RACF. Running the London Marathon is a challenge in itself but to cover 26.2 miles in 24°C brings its own challenges and the mental battle can only be imagined.  However, they both finished with great times and were still standing at the end.  We now wish them some much deserved rest and recuperation. The Regimental Family both far and wide is hugely proud of them and thanks them for their support.


“Firstly, thank you to all who sponsored me and to the RACF for asking me to run the London Marathon on their behalf.  Probably the toughest race I have ever done with such hot weather.  The last 8 miles were a real test of character but knowing I was running for such a fantastic cause and the amount of support and donations coming in on Facebook for me drove me on to the finish.  It was not a day for personal bests due to the searing heat, but a day for getting to the finishing line safely and ensuring the RACF benefitted from all the kind donations.” Ewan

“I would like to thank everyone for their support. Was a tough run in the heat but the sensible decision to not be a hero and get a fab time, but to get around safely was very enjoyable. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far. To the rest, it’s not too late!” Jude


 Thank you again Jude and Ewan and we hope to see you challenging yourself again next year!



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