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Posted 04/10/22

The Tyneside Scottish Branch visited France in September 2022, travelling to the city of Arras.

The city was the scene of a major Battle of 1917, and again in 1940, the latter including actions by the 50th(Northumbrian) Division. The Tyneside Scottish fought in the area during both World Wars.

Branch members visted the First World War battlefileds. This included the Wellington Caves where  British troops sheltered before the Battle of Arras. Key to the battle was the siezing of Vimy Ridge a task for the Canadian Army. A memorial to those lost dominates the feature.

In World War Two, men from the Tyneside Scottish fought a vital blocking action at Ficheux, near Arras, in May 1940. The Branch conducted a commmemoration ceremony with their old friends of the Somme Battlefield Pipe Band to remember those lost in the action.

TS Branch members conducted a Battlefield Tour of Dunkirk. The tour followed the corridor established to alow the British Expeditionary Force to withdraw to the perimeter around Dunkirk, before moving to the evacuation beaches and the Mole in Dunkirk harbour.

The opportunity was taken to lay a wreath at the Dunkirk Memorial to remember the Tyneside Scots commemorated there.


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