Royal Artillery Gold Cup

14 February 2020

Celebrate the only official All Ranks Regimental Reunion with a unique day out at the historic Royal Artillery Gold Cup on Friday, 14 February at Sandown Park Racecourse.
Entrance tickets* are available using the promotional code ‘UBIQUE’ through the Sandown Website

or on 0344 579 3012. For further information contact WO1 Richardson on 01980 845 677.

*To access Esher Hall and benefit from reduced bar prices you will need to purchase the entrance ticket and wrist band by opting for the ‘Adult Ticket Plus Wrist band’ option.
We hope that serving and retired members of the Regiment will join us in Esher Hall, which has good access onto the Grandstand with an excellent view of the racecourse. The Gold Cup Suite is also available for those who prefer a quieter atmosphere with indoor views of the race course.

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