History of the Royal Artillery Association

The Royal Artillery Association was started on 26 May 1920 by the RA War Commemoration Fund to create a ‘Gunner Friend’ network organisation in every part of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth; in essence to create and foster a bond of comradeship irrespective of rank, between all who are serving or who have ever served as artillerymen and to maintain and promote the proud traditions of ‘Ubique’. It was also designed to watch and help those in need or distress and maintain contact with old comrades. It raised its money from annual and life subscriptions and after running costs funds were used to further the aims of the Association. Her Majesty The Queen is the Patron.   

There are a network of branches throughout the country, promoting comradeship and the opportunity for Gunners to meet up and have some fun. The Association also has the needs of Gunners and their families at heart, especially those who have fallen on hard times. There are more than 105 Branches and Ladies' Sections. It is at the very heart of the Gunner family.  So please join your local branch.

What We Do

The aims, quite simply, are the promotion of Gunner welfare and comradeship; aims which are as important today as they were back in 1920.  Comradeship is fostered in local branches and ladies sections in the UK and abroad, and by affiliation to other Gunner organisations.  Also the regular contact, meetings and social gatherings.  There are a number of national events that the RAA support and organise.  Please see the events section for more information. The Association provides a ready made network of Gunner friends and useful contacts.  Please visit your Gallery to find out more about our events and view the Gunners having some fun.

How does the Association Work

The core of the Association is its Branches and its Ladies' Sections.  They are backed by District Representatives who, in turn, are supported by Regional Representatives who make up the National Executive Committee, which reports to a Royal Artillery Board of Management.  The Association is served by a small permanent staff at Artillery House, Larkhill.

 What does it provide

For a serving Gunner, Association Branches can provide support during the difficult transition period into civilian life and thereafter with a network of comrades who may prove useful when settling in an area, together with the friendship of a caring group of people who understand your problems.  For Members, Branches provide a focus for social activities, fun, comradeship and practical assistance and support if it is needed.  It also allows ready access to the Gunners' charitable funds to assist those in need. 

 What about Welfare

The Association provides all its members with the opportunities to help others less fortunate than themselves and to receive help if the are ever in need.  The branch does this primarily through the work of the Branch Welfare Officer who, if extra assistance is required, can contact the Welfare Officer at Artillery House.