Where Can I Go Camping for Free in Australia

by KerryDin - 08th December 09:36


Can anything be better for a tourist than camping on a site with a marvelous view opening around it, breathing fresh air, and enjoying the wildlife and nature? Yes, it can. It’s always cool when you can come to a place, set up a roof top tent, and rest there without paying a dollar for accommodation.

It’s always sweet to enjoy traveling by car or on foot without spending too much money, isn’t it? Apart from being budget-friendly, camping trips have some other advantages that experienced tourists use whenever they can, and newcomer enthusiasts would be excited to explore.

Benefits of Camping Trips

So, before we proceed with free camping sites in Australia open for everyone, let’s find out why foot or car camping is so popular among travelers worldwide. The reasons may seem obvious to someone, but there’s a surprisingly big number of travelers who are not aware of those factors.

You Choose a Place

When you own the best roof top tent that is ultimately reliable and truly comfortable, any place you like can become your campsite. Like, you simply drive through a random road, see an exciting view that fascinates your mind and soul, and decide to stop right there. That’s only possible when you are camping on your own. No hotel, motel, or resort facility with pre-booked rooms can offer you that.

Come and Go as You Please

The level of freedom is not limited to the opportunity to turn a location you enjoyed into a campsite. The additional benefit is that you can spend as much time there as you want. Do you want to stay for one more day? It’s not a problem if you’ve got enough supplies with you.

Avoid Crowds

Here comes the benefit that is essential in 2021 regarding the epidemiological situation in Australia and worldwide. A “casual” traveler is forced to contact other people while arriving at their hotel, visiting cafes, and ordering the required services. A voluntary refusal from some routine comfort allows you to feel much safer these days.   

No Booking

It is a feature partially connected with the first one mentioned above in this shortlist, but it is still worth being mentioned separately. When you leave for a camping trip, there is no need for you to plan your place and time of stay beforehand. It means a hard shell roof top tent allows you to save booking costs and have much more room to make your travel exclusively customized and totally enjoyable.

Free Camping Sites in Australia

If those benefits above sound sweet to you, then it is useful to find out where in Australia you can camp for free. Good news first: there are plenty of places to choose from. On the other hand, setting your campsite in a prohibited area may lead to fines, so be careful and attentive.  

National Parks

National parks are among the most popular free camping sites in the country. Though, you should check the potential COVID-19 restrictions beforehand so far. There can be limits for the number of campsites or people allowed to stay simultaneously. The great national parks are in: New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, and Western Australia. It is worth checking the particular park’s website to get more info before planning a visit.

Ask the Community

Just like the camping community can suggest you read the adventure kings roof top tent review to consider getting a worthy touring item, they can give you hints on free camping sites open to come. Another good news is that the large rest stops along highways offer the opportunity to legally spend one night there (once in 24 hours, actually).

In other locations, one can stay overnight if one doesn’t set up that camp. Like, if you enjoyed a place but aren’t sure whether it is possible to organize a campsite nearby, just go out and ask some locals. They’ll surely help. Consider contacting the local community service centre if the uncertainty still remains.

Bush Camps Are there for You

If you wish to find a remote spot for free, check the points a bit off the main roads near small cities and towns. It’s easy to miss such camps, so stay attentive if you want to notice them. To get an update, go the same way again – talk to locals or ask tourism officers for updates.

Use Smartphone Apps

Both paid and free camping ground databases are available via mobile applications. Some of them even remain available when you go offline if you pre-download the map data. Here are some programs to consider:

  • WikiCamps
  • Camping Australia
  • Official apps by state national parks

To Conclude

There are many places to camp for free across Australia. Most are possible to find them online or via specialized applications. In case you decided to stop at a random location, ask people if it is allowed to set up a camp. That’s how you avoid getting fined.

Enjoy traveling, and keep camping for life!

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